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  • [360° Care with Lintlix Fabric Shaver]: Elevate your garment care with the Lintlix Fabric Shaver, offering 360° care for your beloved clothes. Its close-fitting design ensures smooth removal of fabric fluff without leaving scratches. The size holes design accurately sweeps all angles, swiftly and safely cleaning lint from both big and small areas.
  • [Multi-Functional Hair Removal for a Brand-New Look]: The Lintlix Fabric Shaver goes beyond just removing lint balls. It’s a versatile tool that trims loose threads on dresses, sofas, curtains, blankets, and various fabrics. Give your home clothes a brand-new look with this multi-functional hair removal solution.
  • [Cozium Lint Remove with Upgraded 6-Tooth Cutter Head]: Experience advanced lint removal with the Cozium Fabric Shaver. The upgraded 6-tooth cutter head trims faster and more effectively without getting stuck. It gently protects your clothes, and with the safety switch, it automatically stops when the mesh cover is loose or removed, ensuring user safety.
  • [Rechargeable and Convenient Operation]: Enjoy stable and strong power with the Lintlix Fabric Shaver. This rechargeable model is not bound by a USB cable, providing convenient, cord-free operation. Once charged, it works everywhere, offering flexibility and ease of use.
  • Effortless Operation with Easy Cleaning]: Simplify your fabric care routine with the Lintlix Fabric Shaver. Just turn it on and run it over the desired fabric. With one swipe, watch as unwanted lint balls are efficiently removed and drawn into a removable storage compartment. Cleaning is a breeze, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


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