Foldable Baby Caddy Organizer


  • Material:Felt cloth
  • Size:38*23*18cm
  • Package Contents:
  • 1* storage bag


  • Choose to use the organizer or remove it to store more items at once, such as stacks of folded onesies and other clothing.
  • The Diaper Caddy comes with handles that make it easy for you to carry it from room to room or just to the changing station.
  • It is strong enough to withstand the weight of virtually any belongings.
  • When the baby gets older, you can transform this diaper organizer into a storage area for toys, books, clothes and more.
  • Give it as a gift at a baby shower to provide the new parents with not only the helpful organizer but also all of the essentials you can fill its pockets with as well.
  • Colour: Gray + green


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