Fruit Carving Knife


29 x 2 x 3 cm (LxHxW)


  • Melon Baller Scoop has a sharp carving knife on one end that lets you carve creative, intricate designs in fruit.
  • Small hole on the back of sphere can be used to help coax fruit out of scooper so it doesn’t get damaged.
  • Melon Baller Scoop Made from high-quality stainless steel so it’s dishwasher-safe, won’t rust & it’s food-safe to use.
  • Slice, cut & scoop vegetables, cookies, cakes, watermelon & more. A great tool for every kitchen!
  • Product Size: 29 x 2 x 3 cm (LxHxW)
  • 2 Different-Sized Scooping Ends made of sturdy stainless steel, One End Can Dig the Spherical Balls of Fruits of Your Choice or Round ice Cream Balls, the Other End can Do Cutting or Fancy Carving, and two in one. You can carve fruits by yourself.
  • Sphere end let you scoop out uniform balls of fruit or vegetables and create attractive looking meals, kids like such nice food.
  • Why not decorate your cake, dessert or ice cream with various lovely fruit balls? Make it not only with charming look but also with kinds of unique flavor.
  • This fruit baller is designed especially for pulp digging to make as many fruit balls as you like. Multi-functional Kitchen bar Tool Can is used Carving fruit, Dig Ball Scoop.
  • This sharp carving tool is double ended for cutting and making perfect balls of mango, melon, papaya, dragon fruit or others. The end for carving can cut out the beautiful carved jagged lines.
  • The Fruit Scoop is also easy to clean. The Melon Baller Scoop Comes with Draining Holes. Enjoy the DIY Process with Your Family, best assistance for creating beautiful DIY fruit Plate.
  • This is a wonderful design. The two ends are multipurpose design, carving, digging and all kinds of fruits are ready. With it, you can become a gourmet and surprise your family and friends.
  • Of course, it is also a creative and practical gift, especially in such a hot summer! Travel and take it with your family or friends on holiday.


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