Multipurpose Grater/Peeler



Peeling and shredding an irregular shape of potatoes, radishes, melons, and fruits at the same time is a basic skill in the kitchen in daily cooking. -We must use tools to find a better way to liberate ourselves If you want to eat healthy and cut potatoes and carrots evenly, Stainless steel peeler save time and effort, we believe that nobody will refuse it. Feature: Made of high-quality stainless steel material, safe, anti-corrosion, and good hardness. Double and unique sawtooth peeler, make food preparation more labor-saving and time-saving. Suitable for carrot, turnip, potato, cucumber and so on. Ideal salad making a helper. Flexible, easy to operate and convenient to clean. Ergonomic handle design, soft and comfortable grip, and hanging hole design, easy to storage. Make your cooking preparation easier and keep your kitchen tidy and clean


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