Pill Box Dispenser with Alarm



* The medicine box is made of ABS and PP material, which is no recycled materials added, healthy and environmentally friendly.
* The medicine box has intelligent timing reminding function, which can remind you to take medicine on time every day.
* The pill box has a small buckle design, which has strong sealing performance and can effectively prevent water and moisture.
* The medicine box is small and portable, and can be carried with you to remind you to take medicine on time.
* The medicine box has two compartments, and the transparent cover can be opened directly from the top to facilitate taking medicine.

99 hours 59 minutes any time countdown reminder
1.Press M to set minutes and H to set hours.
2.Press START/STOP to start timing, The’:’ symbol blinks.
3.Press START/STOP to pause timing.
4.After the sound of the Didi prompt sounds, press START/STOP again to repeat the last set time.
5.Press MIN and RH keys at the same time to cancel the setting.


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