Rechargeable Desktop Fan


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  • POWERFUL TURBOFAN – This air circulator fan has 3 speeds and a 180 degree tilt and is powerful enough so your living room/bedroom etc… can get cooled off in no time, and will give you the ultimate comfortable and cooling environment.
  • AIR CIRCULATOR – This fan is equipped with a constructed turbo design to maximize air movement, offering the power for intense air movement, therefore, air cooling circulation can reach all of your living area, and creates pleasant quarters. Imagine the relieve of a small fan with power you can feel from 15 feet away
  • FEATURED ATTRIBUTES – With its sturdy non slip rubber base This fan will stay firm on its place, you can adjust it to a variety of 3 speed powers and 180 degree up to down and easily turn the air flow to any direction (optional wall mount), this fan comes with a carry handle and is light-weight, just pick it it up and roll….
  • ENERGY SAVING – The summer time arrives and your AC keeps working non-stop, it’s about time to start saving. This fantastic quiet operating fan is built to create a comfortable and cooling environment with energy-saving power, so it won’t affect your wallet, stop paying and start enjoying….
  • STOP SWEATING – After a stressful day, or at night in your bedroom, you want to relax but the heat, the sweat it’s just unbearable, and you start looking for a solution, “fans” comes to the rescue, with these powerful fans you can enjoy anything you think of, family time, reading, studying, and of-course good relaxation time to clear your mind….


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