Rotating Turbine



  • Ultrasonic Cleaning The mini ultrasonic washing machine is equipped with an intelligent chip and has four cleaning modes: ① left and right circulation cleaning, which lasts for 20 minutes. Drive left and right for 40 minutes. ③ Ultrasonic cleaning for 15 minutes. ④ Mode 2+Mode 3 mixed cleaning.
  • Easy to use: 1. Use a suction cup to attach the washing machine and bucket to the wall of the machine. 2. Soak the clothes in water and pour the detergent (with detergent storage compartment for storing detergent). 3. Turn on the washing machine, select the mode and start washing clothes.
  • USB Power Supply The mini turbo washing machine is equipped with a USB cable for power supply, which allows you to use it anytime and anywhere, and the USB interface in daily life can provide power. The portable mobile washing machine can be connected to a mobile power supply of more than 2A, which makes it very suitable for outdoor use or when there is no socket.
  • Easy to carry: small, lightweight, takes up little space, easy to use and easy to wash outdoors. It is an ideal choice for families, dormitories, caravans and travelers with limited space. Suitable for small and light clothes such as underwear, rags, dishes, towels and socks to avoid cross contamination and make clothes healthier.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning: High-frequency vibration waves clean clothes-effectively remove dirt, and make your clothes clean. Suitable summer clothes and personal laundry, such as underwear, socks, etc.
  • Small size: Can be put away when not in use. It can be carried in a pocket or handbag. Suitable for personal travel, business trips.
  • Alter-saving and Energy-saving: The mini portable washing machine saves much electricity than washing machines, and also saves one-third of water. Powered by the USB cable, you can use it as you like.
  • Working Process: After installing the washing machine into a suitable bucket filled with water,(also any bucket, washbasin, or sink),put personal clothes and washing liquid into it. Plug in and press the power button on the remote control to start automatic circulation for about 30 minutes.


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